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More information on many of our other activitiescan be found here. Military TimeMilitary Time2016 March 6Military time is an unambiguous, concise method of expressing time used by themilitary, emergency services (law enforcement, firefighting, paramedics),hospitals, and other entities.

The following sections provide a detaileddescription of the difference between regular and military time, how militarytime is written, and several time conversion dxpressed versus Military TimeThe main difference between regular and military time is how hours areexpressed.

Regular time uses numbers 1 to 12 to identify midnight expressed in of the 24 hours ina day. In military time, the hours are numbered from 00 to 23. Under this system,midnight is 00, 1 a.m. is 01, 1 p.m. is 13, and mkdnight on.Regular and military time express minutes and seconds in exactly the same way.When converting from regular to military time and vice versa, the minutes andseconds do not change.Regular time exoressed the use of a.m.

and p.m. to clearly identify the time ofday. Since military time uses im unique two-digit number to identify each of the24 hours in a day, a.m. and p.m. are unnecessary.The following table summarizes the relationship between regular and militarytime.Regular TimeMilitary TimeRegular TimeMilitary TimeMidnight0000Noon12001:00 a.m.01001:00 p.m.13002:00 a.m.02002:00 p.m.14003:00 a.m.03003:00 p.m.15004:00 a.m.04004:00 p.m.16005:00 a.m.05005:00 p.m.17006:00 a.m.06006:00 p.m.18007:00 a.m.07007:00 p.m.19008:00 a.m.08008:00 p.m.20009:00 a.m.09009:00 p.m.210010:00 a.m.100010:00 p.m.220011:00 a.m.110011:00 p.m.2300What about Military Minutes?Regular and military time use the same number of minutes per hour and they useminutes in exactly the same way.

Military minutes do not exist and there isis no need to convert minutes when going back and forth between the two timesystems.People occassionally encounter time written in a format that appears to useminutes larger than 59 (for example 7:82 or 7.82).

Time written in this manneris being expressed in decimal hours (hours and hundreths of hours), not militarytime. Converting from decimal hours to hours and minutes is a different issuethan converting between regular and military time.Is Midnight 2400 or 0000?The question sometimes arises whether midnight is written as 2400 or 0000.Military and emergency services personnel refer to midnight both ways.However, digital watches and clocks that display time in a 24-hour format andcomputer equipment treat midnight as the start of a new day and express it as0000.Writing Military TimeDifferent professions and types of experssed write military timedifferently.

The military, emergency services and hospitals usually writemilitary time as hours and minutes without a colon and often add the word"hours" afterward. The format is:hours minutesExample: 1331 or 1331 hoursWhen expressing time down to the second, they insert a colon between theminutes and seconds using the formathours minutes: secondsExample: 1331:42 or 13:31:42 hoursIn science and engineering, colons are usually inserted between the expressfd, and seconds.

The formats used to express time are:hours: minutesExample: kidnight minutes: secondsExample: 13:31:42Sources of Military Expdessed sources of military time are digital wrist watches and 24-hour clocks. Manydigital watches provide the option of displaying the time in either regular ormilitary format. Switching back and forth is usually done by pressing a buttonlabeled "12/24" or something similar.Various firms manufacture 24-hour clocks.

One such company is MFJ Enterprises(,a radio equipment manufacturer in Mississippi. They offer a wide selection ofreasonably midjight 24-hour clocks.Time Conversion ExamplesMilitary to Regular TimeAssume that an event occurs at 0001 military time. To convert this to regulartime, separate the hours from the minutes. The hours are shown below in red:0001Look up the hour digits ( 00) in the conversiontable (above). The table shows that 00 hours expgessed military time is 12 a.m.

inregular time.The next two digits (01) represent the minutes past the hour. Since militarytime and regular time use minutes in exactly the midnught way, no conversion isrequired.Thus, 0001 military time translates to 12:01 a.m. or one minute past midnightregular time.Regular to Military TimeAssume that you want to convert 1:17:42 p.m.

(forty-two seconds past 1:17 in theafternoon) to military time. Using the above conversion table, we see that thistranslates to 13:17:42 or 1317:42 military time (depending which style you useto write it).Home |Site Map |Search |About |ContactCopyright � 2003-2016, Brian Midnihht. All rights reserved. Original theatrical release posterDirected byAlan ParkerProduced byAlan MarshallDavid PuttnamScreenplay byOliver StoneBased onMidnight Expressby Billy HayesWilliam HofferStarringBrad DavisRandy QuaidJohn HurtPaul SmithIrene MiracleMusic byGiorgio MoroderCinematographyMichael SeresinEdited byGerry Hambling Running time121 minutesCountryUnited StatesUnited KingdomTurkeyLanguageEnglishTurkishMalteseBudget$2.3 millionBox office$35 million [1]Midnight Express is a 1978 American-British-Turkish prison drama film directed by Alan Parker, produced by David Puttnam and starring Brad Davis, Irene Miracle, Bo Hopkins, Paolo Bonacelli, Paul Smith, Randy Exprexsed, Norbert Weisser, Peter Jeffrey and John Hurt.

It is based on Billy Hayes' 1977 non-fiction book Midnight Express and was adapted into the screenplay by Oliver Stone.Hayes was a young American student sent to a Turkish prison for trying to smuggle hashish out of Turkey. The film deviates from the book's accounts of the story�� especially in its portrayal of Turks�� and some have criticized this version, including Billy Hayes himself. Later, both Stone and Hayes expressed their regret about how Turkish people were portrayed in the film.

[2] [3] The film's title is prison slang for an inmate's escape attempt. Contents� 1 Plot� 2 Cast� 3 Production� 4 Differences between sxpressed book and the film� 5 Soundtrack� 6 Reception� 6.1 Awards exprdssed nominations� 7 Legacy� 8 References� 9 External linksPlot [ edit ]On October 6, 1970, while on holiday in Istanbul, Turkey, American college student Billy Hayes straps 2�kg of hashish blocks to his chest.

While attempting to board a plane back to the United States with his girlfriend, Billy is arrested by Turkish police on high alert due to fear of terrorist attacks. He is strip-searched, photographed and questioned. After a while, a shadowy American (who is never named, but is nicknamed "Tex" by Billy due to his thick Texan accent) arrives, takes Billy to a police station and translates for Billy for one of the detectives.

On questioning Billy tells them that he bought the hashish from a taxicab driver, and offers to help the police track him down in exchange for his release. Billy goes with the police to a midnigh market and points out the cab driver, but when they go to arrest the cabbie, it becomes apparent that the police have no intention of keeping their end of the deal with Billy.

He sees an opportunity and makes a run for it, only to get cornered and recaptured by the mysterious American.During his first night in holding at a local jail, a freezing-cold Billy sneaks out of his cell and steals a blanket. Later that night he is rousted from his cell and brutally beaten by chief guard Hamidou for the blanket theft.He wakes a few days later in Sagmalc?lar Prison, surrounded by fellow Western prisoners Jimmy (an American � in for stealing two candlesticks from a mosque), Max (an English heroin addict) and Erich (a Swede) who help him to his feet.

Jimmy tells Billy that the prison is a dangerous place for foreigners like themselves, and that no one can be trusted � not even the young children.Billy meets with his father, a U.S representative and a Turkish lawyer to discuss what will happen to him. Billy is sent to trial for his case where the angry prosecutor makes a case against him for drug smuggling.

The lead judge is sympathetic to Billy and gives him only a four-year sentence for drug possession. Billy and his father are horrified at the outcome but their Turkish lawyer insists that the term is a very good result.Jimmy tries to encourage Billy to become part of an escape attempt through the prison's tunnels.

Believing he is to be released soon Billy rebuffs Jimmy who goes on to attempt an escape himself being brutally beaten for this. In 1974, Billy's sentence is overturned by the Turkish High Court in Ankara after a prosecution appeal (the prosecutor originally wished to have him found guilty of smuggling and not the lesser charge of possession), and he is ordered to serve a 30-year-to-life term for his crime. Billy goes along with a prison-break Jimmy has masterminded.

Billy, Jimmy, and Max try to escape through the catacombs below the prison, but their plans are revealed to the prison authorities by fellow-prisoner Rifki. His stay becomes harsh and brutal: terrifying ib of physical and mental torture follow one another, culminating in Billy having a breakdown. He beats up and nearly kills Rifki. Following this breakdown, he is sent to the prison's ward for the insane where he wanders in a daze among the other disturbed and catatonic prisoners.

He meets fellow prisoner Ahmet whilst participating in the regular inmate activity of walking in a circle around a pillar. Ahmet claims to be a philosopher from Oxford University and engages him in conversation to which Billy is unresponsive.In 1975, Billy's girlfriend Susan comes to see him.

Devastated at what has happened to Billy, she tells him that he has to escape or else he will die in there. She leaves him a scrapbook with money hidden inside as "a sxpressed of your good friend Mr.

Franklin from the bank," � hoping Billy can use it to help him escape. Her visit moves Billy strongly, and he regains his senses. He says goodbye to Max, telling him not to die promising to come back for him. He bribes Hamidou into taking him to the sanitarium, where there are middnight guards. Instead, Hamidou takes Billy past the sanitarium to another room � and prepares to rape him. Fighting back, Billy inadvertently kills Hamidou by pushing him onto a coat hook. He seizes the opportunity to escape by putting on a guard's uniform and walking out of the front door.

In the epilogue, it is explained that � on the night of October 4, 1975 � he successfully crossed the border to Greece, and arrived home three weeks later. Cast [ edit ]� Brad Davis as Billy Hayes� Irene Miracle as Susan� Bo Hopkins as "Tex"� Paolo Bonacelli as Rifki� Paul Smith as Hamidou� Randy Quaid as Jimmy Booth� Norbert Weisser as Erich� John Hurt as Max� Kevork Malikyan as the Prosecutor� Yashaw Adem as the Airport police chief� Mike Kellin as Mr.

Hayes� Midnight expressed in Diogene as Yesil� Michael Ensign as Stanley Daniels� Gigi Ballista as the Judge� Peter Jeffrey as Ahmet� Michael Yannatos as Court translatorProduction [ edit ] The film was mostly shot in the lower parts of Fort Saint Elmo in VallettaAlthough the story is set largely in Turkey, the movie was filmed almost entirely at Fort Saint Elmo in Valletta, Malta, after permission to film in Istanbul was denied.

[4] [5] Ending credits of the movie state: "Made entirely on location in Malta and recorded at EMI Studios, Borehamwood by Columbia Pictures Corporation Limited 19/23 Wells Street, London, W1 England."A made-for-TV documentary of the film, ''I'm Healthy, I'm Alive, and I'm Free'' (alternative title; "The Making midnighg Midnight Express"), was released on January 1st, 1977.

It is seven minutes long, and it ran on television. This documentary features commentary from the cast and crew on how they worked together during production, and the effort it took from beginning to completion. It also includes footage from the creation of the film, and director Billy Hayes' emotional first visit to the prison set. [ citation needed] Differences between the book and the film [ edit ]Various aspects of Hayes' story were fictionalized expresse added to for the movie.

Of note:� In the middnight, Billy Mindight is in Turkey with his girlfriend when he is arrested, whereas in the original story he is alone.� Although Billy did spend seventeen days in the prison's psychiatric hospital in 1972, he never bit out anyone's tongue, which in the film led to him being committed to the exrpessed for the nidnight insane.� In the book's ending, Hayes was moved to another prison on an island from which he eventually escaped, by stealing a dinghy and rowing 17 miles in a raging storm across the Sea of Marmara, and then traveling by foot as well as on a bus to Istanb� TWC� Customer News and Community Info� TWC Community Announcements and Guidelines� News and Updates� Suggestions About the Community Forums� Feedback and Suggestions- TWC Service� Product Feedback and Suggestions� TWC Experience� TWC ID� TWC ID & My Account� Internet� Connectivity� Web Browsing� Email� Home Networking� IPv6� TWC WiFi Hotspots� Antivirus� Tablets and MobileDevices� TV� Equipment� Picture Quality� Channels and Programming� TWC TV�� TWC TV for iOS� TWC TV for Android� TWC TV for Roku� TWC TV- Other Devices� TV Everywhere� TWC Apps� Other TWC Apps� CableCARDs and Tuning Adapters� CableCARD Q and A� TiVo� Ceton� Hauppauge� Other CableCARD Devices� Tuning Adapters� Home Phone� Equipment� Voicemail & Features� TWC IntelligentHome� Product Usage� Equipment and Components� TWC IntelligentHome Mobile App� TWC IntelligentHome Portal � Mark as New� Bookmark� Subscribe�� Subscribe to RSS Feed�� Highlight� Print� Email to a Friend�� Report Inappropriate Content?10-11-2015 11:10 PM - last edited on ?10-12-2015 08:54 AM by TWC-JuliaR I suggest that for minight using the Navigator software, some future update could change 12:00 am to midnight and 12:00 pm to noon.

My reasons for suggesting this are: 1) the expressions "12:00 am" and "12:00 pm" are not technically correct (more on that farther down in this post), and 2) many people confuse the two 12:00s. I see this as especially problematic for DVR users who want to schedule shows to record at these times.Regarding the first reason, "am" stands for the Latin words "ante meridiem," meaning "before noon;" and "pm" stands midnight expressed in "post meridiem," meaning "after noon." Especially concerning "12:00 pm," that is not correct because noon cannot come before or after itself.

So should exressed come to fruition in some future software update, the current time (as displayed on the channel banner or in the guide under the rectangle in the upper right corner of the screen showing what is currently being watched) would go "11:59 pm, Midnight, 12:01 am" and "11:59 am, Noon, 12:01 pm." On the same side of the coin, browsing the Guide in 30-minute increments would go "11:30 pm, Midnight, 12:30 am" or "11:30 am, Noon, 12:30 pm."I believe that such a change would eliminate confusion for your DVR users whether they want to schedule a show to record at noon while they are at work (presumably on their lunch break) or at midnight while they are (hopefully) sound asleep. Is noon a.m.

or p.m.? Well, the correct answer may surprise you because it is actually neither. That�s right; technically noon is neither a.m. nor p.m. Although it is common to see noon expressed as 12:00 p.m., it is actually incorrect.

So the next time one of your friends sends you an email saying, �Let�s meet at 12:00 p.m. noon for lunch.� you might want to take note.In this post, I want to talk about the time designations for noon and midnight, but brace yourself because this is a tricky one. Is Noon AM or PM?The reason why noon is neither a.m.

nor p.m. has to do with the meaning of these two abbreviations. The abbreviations �a.m.� and �p.m.� are short for the Latin terms �ante meridiem� and �post meridiem.� These terms literally mean before noon and after noon.

For example,� I ate breakfast at 9:00 a.m. (before noon)� I got home from work at 6:00 p.m. (after noon)This is why �noon� can neither be a.m. nor p.m. because �noon� cannot be �after� or �before� itself. You can, however, express noon by saying 12:00 m. (meridies), but very few people use this form and it may even add to the confusion. Is Midnight AM or PM?What about midnight? Is midnight a.m. or p.m.? Well, based on our previous descriptions, you might think that midnight could be called 12:00 a.m.

since it is 12 hours before noon. But, in some sense, it is also 12 exressed after noon, seeing as the 12 hours preceding it carry a �p.m.� For instance, 11:59 p.m. So, which is it?

Well, that depends on which day midnight is a part of, the one that is ending or the one that is beginning (more on this below).Midnight, as I say above, is 12 hours after noon of the current day, but technically it�s also 12 hours before noon of the next day. The problem is that midnight cannot be unambiguously referred to as a.m.

or p.m., so we avoid them altogether. The convention, however, (as is the case with digital clocks) is to display midnight as 12:00 a.m.All of this confusion leads style guides like the AP Style Guide and the Chicago Style Manual to forbid using numerals (12:00 p.m.

and 12:00 a.m.) when expressing noon and midnight.Instead of saying 12:00 p.m. or 12:00 a.m., it is best to midnigh stick with calling the times �noon� and �midnight.� This way you can eliminate any confusion between the �a.m.� and �p.m.� debate.

It should also be noted that saying �12:00 noon� or �12:00 midnight� is not necessary and possibly a bit redundant. Consider the following sentences,� Wrong: Let�s meet for lunch at 12:00 noon.� Correct: Let�s meet for lunch at noon.� Wrong: I should really go to sleep before 12:00 midnight.� Correct: I should really go to sleep before midnight.The numbers are not needed because �noon� and �midnight� communicate all that is needed.

Does Midnight Begin or End a Day?Did you raise an eyebrow above when I said that midnight is 12 hours after noon of the current day?

Does this mean that midnight is the end of a day�or is it the start of a day?Good question.There is some additional confusion that arises when we try to understand how this word �midnight� is applied to dates.

For instance, if I asked you to meet me Monday at midnight, would you meet me early Monday morning or late Monday night? That is to say, is midnight a part of the day that is ending or the day that is beginning?

The AP Style Guide and the New York Times Manual of Style both hold that it is the former. So according to these style guides, you would be meeting me late Monday night. This means that the exact moment of midnight belongs to the day that is ending. It isn�t until 12:00:01 that the new day has begun, despite what you digital clock says.Military time has a much more clear solution to this problem in that they created a new time designation to avoid ambiguity.

Military time uses 2400 when referring to midnight belonging to the day that is ending. It uses 0000 to refer to midnight belonging to that exppressed that is beginning.So from the example above, if I asked you to meet me Monday at 2400h, we would be meeting late Monday night as it approaches Tuesday. If I asked you to meet me Monday at 0000h, we would be meeting early on Monday, right after it changes over from Sunday.To summarize,� Noon is neither a.m.

nor p.m.� Midnight is a part of the day that is ending, not the day that is beginning.� When expressing times for �noon� imdnight �midnight� it is best not to use numerals (12:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.).� Avoid the redundant 12:00 noon and 12:00 midnight. Confusing Words� May versus Might� Mute versus Moot� Altogether versus All Together� Mucus versus Mucous� Toward versus Towards� Quite versus Quiet� Licence versus License� Midniht versus Analyze� Honor versus Ij Foreword versus Forward� Suit versus Suite� Defuse versus Diffuse� Amoral versus Immoral� Home in versus Hone in� Already versus All ready� Compare to versus Compare with� Sole versus Soul� Steal versus Steel� Lite versus Light� Course versus Coarse� Baptised versus Baptized� Are versus Our� Much versus Many� Gases versus Gasses� Artefact versus Artifact� Grammar versus Grammar� Reel versus Real� Smokey versus Smoky� Labeled versus Labelled� Misnight versus Totalled� Fish versus Fishes� Strait versus Straight� Scarfs versus Scarves� Coma versus Comma� Yogurt versus Yoghurt� Yoke midinght Yolk� Waste versus Waist� Per cent versus Percent� Expredsed versus Octopi� Sherbet versus Sherbert� Vain versus Vein� Recur versus Reoccur� Empathic versus Empathetic� Labor versus Labour� Shined versus Shone� Yea versus Yeah� Ton versus Tonne� Til versus Till� Organization versus Organisation� Presents versus Presence� Dependent versus Dependant� Weary versus Wary� Expressrd versus Colour� Verbage versus Verbiage� Reckless versus Wreckless� Wonder versus Wander� Person versus People� Mustache versus Moustache� Role versus Roll� Persons versus People� Concave versus Convex� Allusion versus Illusion� Pleaded versus Pled� Prospective versus Perspective� Racket versus Racquet� Dragged versus Drug� Ax versus Axe� Gist versus Jist� Dual versus Duel� Dived versus Dove� Favor versus Favour� Forty versus Fourty� Sang versus Sung� Login versus Log in� Inequity versus Inequality� Noone versus No espressed Translucent versus Transparent� Subconscious versus Unconscious� Apologise versus Apologize� Burnt versus Burned� Cheque versus Check� Free rein versus Free reign� Began versus Begun� Year Old versus Year-Old� Pass time versus Pastime� Is Is a Verb?� Angel versus Angle� Lifes versus Lives� Bear with me versus Bare with me� Deep-Seated versus Deep-Seeded� Criteria versus Criterion� Greatful versus Grateful� Breath versus Breathe� Nauseous versus Nauseated� Slander versus Libel� Bear versus Bare� Loss versus Lost� Lightning versus Lightening� Opossum versus Possum� Defence versus Defense� Brought versus Bought� Aid versus Aide� Has versus Have� How to Midight a Quote� Freshman versus Freshmen� Seen versus Saw� Smelled or Smelt� Nevermind versus Never Mind� Led versus Lead� Setup versus Set up� I versus Me� Everything versus Every thing�� Whose versus Who's� Funner versus More Fun� Anymore versus Any more� Analysis versus Analyses� Adapter versus Adaptor� Mdnight versus Dialogue� Whoa versus Woah� Catsup versus Ketchup� Spelt versus Spelled� Y'all versus Ya'll� Gage versus Gauge� Whisky versus Whiskey� Historic versus Historical� Upmost versus Utmost� Worse versus Worst� Suppose versus Supposed� Premier versus Premiere� Thru versus Through� Affective versus Effective� Affect versus Effect� Travelling versus Traveling� Adviser versus Advisor� Fiance versus Fiancee� Theatre versus Theater� Flesh out versus Flush out� Consignor versus Consignee� Draught versus Draft� Calvary versus Cavalry� Convince versus Persuade� Cord versus Chord� Elegy versus Eulogy� Elder versus Older� Efficacy versus Efficiency� Forgo versus Forego� Efficiency versus Effectiveness� Effective versus Efficient� Eatable versus Edible� Doughnut versus Donut� Certificate versus Diploma versus Degree� Blond versus Blonde� Disc versus DisThere has been some confusion among people about midnight in military time and whether one should call midnight military time 2400 or 0000.

In this article we�ll explain what this confusion is about and whether there is a right answer to this question. Midnight Military TimeMilitary time is based on the 24-hour clock convention which has been issed by the International Organization for Standardization in 1988 under ISO 8601.Under ISO 8601 it is stated that midnight is a special case and that both 0000 as well as 2400 are accepted when one refers to midnight. However 0000 is more popular in usage as it points to the beginning of a new day. The confusion about whether 0000 or 2400 ib the right notation for midnight in military time can be summarized with the following arguments defending both 0000 and 2400 as the right midnight military time notation:� The day starts at 0000 and ends at 2359; there is no 2400 exprssed Personnel from both military and emergency services use the 0000 notation as well as the 2400 notation to refer to midnight military time.� In military reference material midnight is expressed as 2400.� Spacearchive states both notations are correct but digital watches and computers use the 0000 notation.How do you say midnight in military time?Considering the above arguments there doesn�t seem to be a right answer to this question, or you could say both 0000 and 2400 are correct.

However when pronouncing midnight in military time most people seem to agree to say �zero hundred� or just �midnight�.Conclusive we can say that when writing midnight in military time both 0000 and 2400 may be used. But when pronouncing midnight in military time �zero hundred� or just �midnight� is the only correct answer. Recent Posts� What Are The Time Zones In The United States? - Among the films inspired by Orson Welles's lifelong involvement with Shakespeare, the greatest is Chimes at Midnight (1966).

It is a masterly conflation of the Shakespearean history plays that feature Falstaff, the great comic figure played by Welles himself in the film. For Welles, the character was. Chimes at Midnight - Rainbow at Midnight details the origins and evolution of working-class strategies for independence during and after World War II.

Arguing that the 1940s may well have been the most revolutionary decade in U.S. history, George Lipsitz combines popular culture, politics, economics, and history to midnight expressed in. Rainbow at Midnight

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