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What can I do to prevent this in the future?If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. What can I do to prevent this in the future?If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. What can I do to prevent this in the future?If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run comodo internet security complete anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. What can I do to prevent this in the future?If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Top Reviews� Antivirus Software Review� Background Check Services Review� Credit Card Processing Review� Credit Repair Services Review� Data Recovery Software Review� Debt Consolidation Services Review� DVD Copy Software Review� Ecommerce Software Review� Email Marketing Services Review� Extended Car Warranty Services Review� Headphones Review� Home Design Software Review� Home Security Systems Review� Identity Theft Services Review� Medical Alert Services Review� Mortgage and Refinance Review� Online Fax Service Review� Online Payroll Services Review� Photo Book Review� POS Systems Review� Small Business Phone Systems Review� Online Stock Trading Review� Video Editing Software Review� VoIP Services Review� Web Hosting Review� Who We Are� What We Do� View Full GalleryPROS /The Comodo firewall thwarts the most sophisticated hacker techniques.CONS /Despite 25 million product installations in 100 countries, the brand is just beginning to gain recognition.VERDICT /Comodo is the most bulletproof firewall for Windows. Editor's note: A newer version of this product is available.

The manufacturer lists version 8 as offering 24/7 365 day remote support. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version of this product when we next update the Personal Firewall Software reviews. Comodo Internet Security Pro from Comodo Group (Jersey City, New Jersey) frustrates the hacker community.

In general, all firewall software can scan, filter, block and stealth ports, making it difficult for cybercriminals to access the sensitive information on any personal computer. Since the Windows operating systems come with some form of firewall as part of the system, it's up to users to determine if that is sufficient to the task of ultimate protection.

Because there are regular virus outbreaks and subsequent security updates issued within the Windows community on a regular basis, there seems to be evidence to suggest that augmentation or replacement of the standard Windows firewall security is still beneficial.�Comodo is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner in personal firewall software. Firewall PerformanceThere are differences among Windows firewall-software products.

And although they all meet a minimum-performance standard to filter incoming and outgoing data packets, as long as the creative genius of evil evolves, firewall technologies must evolve. There may come a day when we connect to the Internet with absolute assurance of security.

But there are no known limits to human creativity and intelligence, so the competition to deploy the most secure firewall is a metaphor for the struggle between order and chaos.The Comodo firewall passes leak tests that attempt to connect with internet servers in order send data.

For example, Comodo successfully filters ICMP traffic as well as outbound TCP and UDP traffic. Comodo has control over the launching of Windows Explorer and it can prevent a suspected process from changing or launching the default browser. Some hackers attempt to replace the executable code of the default browser, but Comodo prevents such a thing. If a malicious HTML page attempts to execute, Comodo can deny the attempt.Spying tests such as keyloggers and packet sniffers attempt to discover patterns in order to deduce information to exploit.

The Comodo firewall successfully squelches spying tests with relative ease. If a keylogger repeatedly scans for the key-code status to infer which keys the user is pressing, Comodo detects and stops the action.Another hack tactic is to install system infections that survive reboot.

Comodo passes autorun tests. If malware attempts to install itself in the system registry so that it can run whenever the user invokes Windows Explorer, Comodo clobbers it. The Comodo firewall also prevents malware attempts to remain persistent in the system by altering machine-wide registry settings for the Command Processor.System-integrity tests check whether a security product defends against attempts to modify the system to allow sufficient privilege to subvert it.

One example is that Comodo will not allow malware to load a driver to the kernel of the operating system. Comodo protects registry keys if any process tries to manipulate the security descriptors associated with the registry keys.When all else fails, hackers construct attacks designed to crack specific security products. Hackers know that each security product relies on specific registry entries and files. Therefore they attack known product components with the intention to damage certain files or terminate the processes that are necessary to the product.

Comodo protects its own processes and processor threads from termination. If a suspicious process attempts to terminate a product by sending a shutdown message, Comodo does not kowtow. Additional Security FeaturesBecause Comodo Internet Security Pro is more than a firewall, it has the wherewithal to detect and block viruses, Trojan horses, worms, keyloggers, rootkits and other malware in real time.

For any program that attempts to run on the PC, the product checks the signature against a database of files known to be good or bad. Comodo runs unknown files in a virtual sandbox until their behavior reveals whether they should be released or removed.

Even though the product includes an antivirus component, it is modular so that it can be installed independently of the firewall. Users can opt to leave Comodo�s antivirus module uninstalled in favor of an antivirus product from a different vendor without losing interoperability with the Comodo firewall.In order to protect users while surfing from public Wi-Fi networks, Comodo provides an encrypted internet proxy service (128-bit encryption).

To encourage users to back up data on a regular basis, Comodo provides 2GB of online storage space.Comodo Internet Security provides features that make it easy for novices to understand how to respond to alert popups when malware attacks. The user can see �Security Considerations� generated by Comodo�s expert-system database in order to decide how to respond to the alert. Should the user require more information, each alert includes a �ThreatCast� feature, which reveals how millions of other members within the Comodo community have responded to the specific threat.

The Comodo installation process invites each user to join the Threatcast community in order to benefit from the collective knowledge of the hive mind.

After taking into account the product�s expert-system advice as well as the Threatcast community�s response, the user can allow, block or apply predefined security policies. Based on the context and nature of the alert, Comodo prompts the user to decide whether it should remember the answer so that it can apply the response to similar situations in future without an alert.

The user may also submit the file to Comodo for analysis. If the user senses impending doom, it is possible to create a Windows system restore point in order to quickly recover in case the threat is uncontainable by other means.Comodo�s graphical user interface is excellent and intuitive.

A summary screen is the foundation of the interface and a starting point for forays into screens dedicated to system status, virus and network defense, and firewall reports and tasks. There are policies and wizards preset to help beginners and average users establish rules.

Users can apply rules for access rights per application or on a global basis. Malware alerts use color codes. Yellow is low severity. Orange is medium. Red is high severity. All antivirus alerts are coded with a red upper strip. Help and SupportThe user guide is a wonder to behold: excellent, precise and complete. Every user has 24/7 chat access (�LivePCSupport�) to support technicians from within the product console at no additional cost.

If chatting proves insufficient, the support person can remotely access the user�s desktop. If the PC is not functioning, a toll-free number in the user manual (and confirmation email)Comodo is a US-based company that has built itself a quite a popular brand, mainly based on their free security products like Comodo Free Internet Security or the Comodo Free Firewall.

They are also developing commercial security products that offer users more options and features than their free products. Their most complete security product is Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 and it includes features like a secure sandbox in which to run unknown applications, a cloud-based antivirus engine, Wi-Fi data encryption and more. We were curious to learn how effective this product is in securing your Windows computers and devices so we have tested it for about a week.

Read this review to see what we have learned:First impressionsThe first step in having your computer protected by Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 is to download and install it. From the official websiteyou will have to download Comodo�s installer, which is an executable file of generous proportions. The ciscomplete_installer.exe has a size of 207 MB and it�s the complete setup for the suite.When you run the installer, Comodo�s installation wizard is launched and you have to make a few choices regarding the installation.

For starters, Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 asks you to choose in which language you want to use the security suite. Some of the available languages packages are created by Comodo, while some are created by its community.You are asked to provide an email address and to choose whether you want to enable Comodo�s �Cloud Based Behavior Analysis� and send anonymous program usage statistics to Comodo.

All these choices are optional so it�s fine if you don�t want to provide your email address or enable any of the other two options.During the next installation step, Comodo tries to convince you to change your default browser with Chromodo - a web browser based on Chromium (just like Google Chrome and Opera) that�s developed by Comodo. We didn�t like this and most users will want to stick with their existing web browser.

Additionally, Google�s engineers proved that Chromodo - this web browser developed and advertised by Comodo to be more secure than others - is in fact an unsafe web browser that puts its users in danger .Fortunately, you can stop Comodo from installing the Chromodo browser: click or tap the Customize Installation button and then uncheck Chromodo .As you�ve probably noticed from the previous screen capture, Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 also installs a tool called Comodo GeekBuddy - 24/7 Live PC Support.

We�ll talk later in this review about it but, for now, we�d like to point out the fact that you can choose to skip installing this tool.After you have chosen what you want to install, the installation proceeds and it doesn�t take long until it is done. Then, Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 immediately starts an automatic update of its virus definitions database. To our surprise, this means that you will get another 235MB of data downloaded from Comodo�s servers.

Having the definitions updated as soon as the security product is installed is a good thing. However, having to download 235 MB of files after you initially downloaded another 207MB, is not that great. In total, you must download 442 MB of data, which is quite a lot.While Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 was still installing the updates (which is a very slow-paced task), our desktop was �invaded" by several windows and prompts.

Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 loaded its main user interface, it kept the virus definitions updates window on the top, it asked us what type of network we are connected to, it loaded a GeekBuddy notification and it also loaded a gadget on the top right corner of our Desktop. We found this approach on the aggressive side of things and many users will feel the same.Ah� how could you forget?

You also need to reboot your computer in order for the security suite to work as it should. So here you are: take another notification, �cause maybe your Desktop is too clean and the user interface, the updating window and the GeekBuddy notification are not enough. :)Our first impressions regarding the interaction with Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 are rather negative.

Installing this suite means downloading a lot of data, Comodo tries to install stuff you may not want on your computer and, when the installation is done, it scares you with lots of prompts and windows being loaded on the screen.

Casual users will surely not appreciate the first interactions with this product. Integration with Windows 8.1 & modern appsThe first thing we looked at in terms of integration with Windows, was whether Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 disables Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. The security suite did disable Windows Defender but it did not disable Windows Firewall.

This is not a great choice, because having two firewalls that run at the same time can lead to issues and performance problems.Then, we checked if the Comodo firewall module adjusts its settings according to the network profile you use in Windows. The first time you connect to a network, Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 asks you what kind of network that is: Public, Work or Home.

These choices are inspired by Windows 7. However, modern versions of Windows use only two network profiles: Private and Public. This may cause confusion for some users.One strange thing about Comodo Internet Security C o mplete 8 is the fact that you can only set this network profile ( Public, Work or Home ) once - when you first connect to that network.

A fterwards, if you want to change the protection level of a known network, you can only set it as trusted or blocked. This only increases the confusion for its users.On the bright side of things, Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 is well integrated with all the networking features in Windows 8.1.

We had no problems in creating or joining Homegroups and we had no issues when we shared files, folders or when we streamed media over the local network. Modern apps also worked well, without any problems.In terms of online security, Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 is lacking: you can get some protection only if you choose to change your DNS servers and that�s something some people will not enjoy doing.

Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 doesn�t filter your HTTP traffic and it doesn�t offer any browser add-ons that could help in stopping you from loading malicious websites. If you are an IT professional and you know that you might be visiting a malicious website you could use the sandboxing feature offered by Comodo Internet Security Complete 8.

That lets you use any browser in a sandboxed environment so that nothing dangerous gets out and infects your PC. However, that doesn�t protect you against phishing websites for instance and you could lose personal information quite easily.

Unfortunately, casual users won�t know when to use the sandboxed environment offered by Comodo so they are not really protected when browsing the web.Next, we used the Task Manager in Windows, to see how much RAM memory Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 needs to run its processes. We found that, in normal conditions, it needs about 75MB of RAM. When something special takes place, like a malware detection or an antivirus scan, the RAM used by Comodo grows with another 10-20 MB.

However, the suite uses your processor a lot and, on our test computer it even used 100% of its processing power, making our computer rather unresponsive.

If you�re curious, you should know that our test computer runs on a 2GHz quad-core Intel Core 2 Duo processor and has 6GB of DDR3 RAM memory.Next, we used BootRacer to measure the boot timing of our test computer before and after we installed Comodo Internet Security Complete 8. Unfortunately, after installing Comodo, our test computer needed almost twice the time to boot than it did before. Our computer�s boot time increased by 31 seconds, which was 92% more th8.2.0.4792 comodo internet security complete, 2015 ; 9 months ago ( 2015-11-20)) [�] [1] [Note 1]Operating systemWindows XP and later; [2] with antivirus-only versions for Mac OS X, [3] Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, RHEL, Mint, CentOS, OpenSUSE [4]PlatformIA-32 and x64Size � IA-32 only: 49.85 MB [5]� x64 only: 58 MB [5]� Hybrid: 219 MB [5]� Virus definitions: 141 MB [6]TypeAntivirus, Personal firewall, Intrusion prevention systemLicenseFreemiumWebsitecomodo .comComodo Internet Security ( CIS), developed by Comodo Group, is an Internet security suite for Microsoft Windows.

It includes an antivirus program, a personal firewall, a sandbox and a host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) called Defense+. Contents� 1 Features� 2 Version history� 3 Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CESM)� 3.1 Key Features� 4 Reception� 4.1 Reviews� 4.2 Independent test labs� 5 See also� 6 Footnotes� 7 References� 8 External linksFeatures [ edit ]Comodo Internet Security (CIS) is available in three editions: Complete, Pro and a core free edition.

The core edition is free and contains all security features of Pro. The Pro edition adds technical support. The Complete edition complements the feature set with encryption of transmitted data over the Internet connections and online storage for backup. [7] Version history [ edit ]In CIS 5.0 cloud antivirus protection and spyware scanning capabilities were added. As it could not clean all the malware it found effectively, Comodo Cleaning Essentials was developed to supplement CIS.

[8]Host-based intrusion prevention system: Comodo's host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS), named Defense+, is designed to provide protection against unknown malware. It is designed to restrict the actions of unknown applications, and restrict access to important files, folders, settings and the Windows Registry. Defense+ by default refuses any unknown program to install or execute except when specifically allowed by the user or when the file appears on Comodo's whitelist.

In CIS 4.0 a sandbox was added to Defense+ to isolate and run unknown applications. [9]CIS v6, released February 2013, provided a major revision of the user interface and significant new features such as a fully sandboxed desktop environment.

On March 6, 2014 Comodo announced completion of beta testing for CIS v7.Release 7 became official in April 2014. This release includes a new virus monitoring tool called Virus Scope and Web Filtering features that provide control over user access to web content.Release 8 became official on November 3, 2014.

It includes enhanced auto-sandboxing features. [10] Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CESM) [ edit ]Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CESM) is a server product for centrally managing the security settings and security components of network endpoint computers. [11] CESM manages the distribution and updates of antivirus and firewall software.

[12] [13] [14]The antivirus and firewall software managed by CESM are versions of the same software used by the consumer versions of Comodo Internet Security [15] [16] [17] Key Features [ edit ]� On-premises endpoint security software solution� Works with Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems� Handles security policies for firewalls, antivirus and encryption from a centralized console� Quarantines all types of malware� Sends out alerts in response to security breaches [18]� Can scan networks and systems 24/7� Comes with Wi-Fi security, power management and USB management toolsReception [ edit ] Reviews [ edit ]PC Magazine lead security analyst, Neil Rubenking, reviewed Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 and Comodo Internet Security 3.5 on 3 November 2008, giving 4.5 out of 5 to the first and 2.5 to the second.

He praised the suite's firewall capabilities but criticized its antimalware capabilities. [19] [20] On 28 May 2009, Roboert Vamosi of PC World reviewed Comodo Internet Security 3.8 and gave it a score of 1 out of 5, criticizing it for its "disappointing malware detection" based on AV-TEST result and "limited feature set".

[21]Three years and three version later, Comodo Antivirus results became significantly better. On 30 January 2012, Rubenking reviewed Comodo Internet Security 2012 Pro (v5.0), giving it 4 stars out of 5. He praised its support service and antimalware features but was panned for its "effectively off by default" firewall, Defense+ popups, lack of parental control, antispam, antiphishing, and privacy protection features, and finally, "Low ratings from independent labs".

[22]In a 9 January 2013 review, Techworld awarded Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013 4 of 5 stars and concluded "Cloud-based scanning and behaviour analysis joins a suite of top-notch security tools, designed to keep your PC secure.

Recommended." [23] Also on the same date, Mike Williams of reviewed Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013 and concluded "The program remains too complex for total PC beginners, we suspect.

The average user will appreciate its largely automatic operation, though, while experts enjoy the powerful tools and extreme configurability." [24]On 7 February 2013, Comodo Internet Security Complete v6 earned the PC Magazine Editor's Choice award.

Reviewing the software again, Neil Reubenking gave it a score 4.5 of 5 stars, commended its support service, VPN solution, DNS service and value for price but criticized its behavior blocker and its poor anti-phishing capabilities.

Reubenking concluded "The biggest win for Comodo Internet Security Complete 2013 isn't in features, but in support. The GeekBuddy service fixes any problem, security or otherwise, using remote assistance. A Virus-Free Guarantee reimburses you for damage if malware gets past Comodo; you can also get reimbursed for expenses related to identity theft. Add a GeekBuddy-powered tuneup tool and an unusually powerful backup utility and you've got a winner." [25] Independent test labs [ edit ]AV-TEST, an anti-virus test lab based in Germany, tested Comodo.

Products that surpass the industry standard (measured by the mean score of the participating products) are awarded a certificate. Comodo Internet Security participated in their tests since 2010, and for the first time in February 2013, Comodo Internet Security Premium version 6.0 obtained the AV-TEST certificate in the field of home products.

[26] Comodo Internet Security Premium | AV-TEST Test periodReportnumberProgramversionPlatformProtectionRepairUsability(out of 6 points)2010Q41048365Windows Vista32 bit33.532011Q11109875.0 & 5.3Windows 732 bit433.52011Q21122985.3 & 5.4Windows XP32 bit3.51.53[table note 1] [table note 2]ProtectionPerformanceUsability2013Jan-Feb1305196.3Windows 8.164 bit3.53.532013Mar-Apr1314976Windows XP32 bit642.52013May-Jun1323516.1Windows 732 bit65.53.52013Jul-Aug1331336.2Windows 764 bit6542013Sep-Oct1340876.2 & 6.3Windows XP32 bit63.54.52013Nov-Dec1349916.3Windows 8.164 bit5.53.542014Jan-Feb1406216.3Windows 764 bit5.5442014Mar-Apr1414906.3 & 7Windows 8.164 bit344.52014May-Jun1423217Windows XP32 bit4442014Jul-Aug1431907Windows 732 bit5.53.552014Sep-Oct1440907Windows 8.164 bit6552014Nov-Dec1449557 & 8Windows 764 bit454Table notes � ^ In 2013 AV-TEST changed the way they publish their tests; see Kaspersky, Eugene (2013-05-09).

"One step forward, two steps back". Nota Bene: Notes, comment and buzz from Eugene Kaspersky � Official blog. Retrieved 2015-01-22. The renowned German test lab AV-TEST has quietly modified its certification process. The important REPAIR (cleaning up existing infections) parameter for certification has been comodo internet security complete. USABILITY (ease of use, performance, and number of false positives) now only refers to false positives.

Given the current makeup of AV-TEST�s test criteria, false positives might just as well be included in the PROTECTION category to act as a counterbalance.AV-TEST's rating process is explained at "AV-TEST Seal of Approval". AV-TEST. 2015. The Structure of the Test Report. Retrieved 2015-01-23.� ^ Apparently, there can be differenClose PLATFORMS� Android� iOS� Windows� MacPOPULAR LINKS� Latest News� Security and Antivirus Center� New Releases� User Favorites� Editor's Picks� Top FreewareCATEGORIES� Browsers� Business� Communications� Digital Photos� Entertainment� Games� Internet� MP3 & Audio� Productivity� Screenshots & Wallpaper� Security� Utilities� VideoHELP & SETTINGS� Link to CNET Site� Submit Feedback� Terms of Use� Privacy Policy�� 2016 CBS Interactive Inc.�All Rights Reserved Comodo Internet Security is Comodo's free antivirus suite.

It packs an antivirus scanner and firewall, which are standard for AV suites, but also unique tools like an integrated sandbox environment and a desktop widget. ProsVirtualized sandbox: Not many antivirus scanners come with a sandbox environment for running unknown programs and Web sites, but Comodo Internet Security goes the extra mile by providing a virtualized environment that looks like Chrome OS. From the virtualized box, you can browse the Web using Comodo's own Dragon browser and not worry about programs making permanent changes to your system.

Certain features comodo internet security complete Adobe Flash are disabled by default, even when running browsers like Chrome.Scanning and processing: Comodo Internet Security displays flagged items as a hierarchical tree, whereas other antivirus apps show results in a line-by-line list. This organization makes it easier to act on known apps that are flagged as potentially unwanted programs.

For each detected threat, you can clean, ignore the warning, or label false alerts for stub installers and known programs that fall in the potentially unwanted category.Malware detection: AV-Test rated Comodo Internet Security at 5.5/6.0. The scores put Comodo Internet Security in the upper 90th percentiles compared to the industry average for malware detection in a four-week test period.

ConsAggressive notification: Upon first use, Comodo Internet Security bugs you about.pretty much everything. We were pegged with countless pop-up prompts from minimizing windows and detected networks, to pushing GeekBuddy (Comodo's tech-help hotline) services post-scan.

It was so overwhelming that we felt more stressed than educated.Potentially unwanted flags: Comodo Internet Security is eager to categorize apps and installers as potentially unwanted programs. A couple of our own files were considered unknown and flagged as risks. Comodo Internet Security leans toward "better safe than sorry," but some alerts felt highly unwarranted. Bottom LineComodo Internet Security offers solid protection and some pretty useful features, thanks to its integrated virtualization approach to running apps and browsing the Web.

Though the pop-up explanations and slightly aggressive flags are annoying, we still recommend Comodo Internet Security as a terrific free antivirus program. From Comodo:Comodo Internet Security 8.0 is the free, multi-layered, security application that offers complete protection from viruses, Trojans, worms, buffer overflows, zero-day attacks, spyware and hackers.

Built from the ground upwards with your security in mind, Comodo Internet Security combines powerful Antivirus protection, an enterprise class packet filtering firewall, advanced host intrusion prevention, application control and anti-spyware in one supremely powerful application.

The latest version sees a major leap forward in security and usability with the addition of cloud based virus-scanning and behavior analysis of unrecognized files - making CIS 7.0 unbeatable at detecting zero-day attacks.

Under default settings, unknown and untrusted files are automatically scanned by our cloud-based virus scanners then, while the file undergoes behavior analysis on our cloud server, it is run in a sandbox on your local machine so that it cannot modify or affect data on your 'real' system. Put simply, this ground-breaking method of protecting your PC means that only trusted applications are allowed to run on your computer.

Malware and untrusted files get nowhere near anything important AND you get to use your computer without interruption from nagging alerts. CIS 7.0 also features a friendly graphical user interface; granular configuration options; easily understood and informative alerts; wizard-based detection of trusted zones and much more. Comodo Internet Security delivers enterprise class protection and can be used out of the box - so even the most inexperienced users will not have to deal with complex configuration issues after installation. What's new in this version:Version� New: "File Downloaders" file group has been extended with popular cloud clients such as GoogleDrive, OneDrive, DropBox.� New: Website Filtering browser signatures have become updatable� Improved: Yahoo!

installation offer is not shown during CIS/CAV paid packages' updates anymore� Improved: 'Browser Protection' feature is enabled by default upon clean install� Fixed: Google Chrome and Internet Explorer crash upon closing when.See all new features � 3 stars"Have been using for years."August 22, 2016|By BubbaHoss2016-08-22 06:14:02|By BubbaHoss|Version: Comodo Internet Security Premium got the Win10 Anniversary Update and decided to install full suite vs just the firewall.

Installed like a charm.ConsAs I always do after a major update I did a clean install of the Anniversary edition and now I'm getting a "Digitally Unsigned Driver" error when installing? Installed perfect before the clean install. Yes, I held the shift button, restart, #7-Disable digital signature requirement and still no install with out error warnings and being cut off from the internet. What's UP?SummaryHELPReply to this reviewWas this review helpful?


(0) (0) 4 stars"Very Good Internet Suite for free for windows 10"August 11, 2016|By pacman4now2016-08-11 05:35:30|By pacman4now|Version: Comodo Internet Security Premium protection from viruses.

I am using version which has very friendly user interface. No nagging alerts at all and very light on the system. Try it and u will love it.ConsDo not install Geek Buddy.

Chose custom install and untick the Geed Buddy instillationSummaryMuch much better than Avg, Avira and AvastReply to this reviewWas this review helpful? (0) (0) 1 stars"Never Put Your Trust In Comodo."June 24, 2016|By Kaiser.a2016-06-24 13:44:09|By Kaiser.a|Version: Comodo Internet Security Premium is very shady company.ConsComodo have been known to install malware like software with their regular products.SummarySearch Google for Comodo's horrible practices.

GeekBuddy is basically malware that you can never get rid off.Reply to this reviewWas this review helpful? (0) (0) You are logged in as. Please submit your review for Comodo Internet Security Premium 1. Rate this product: 2. One-line summary: (10 characters minimum) Count: 0 of 55 characters 3. Pros: (10 characters minimum) Count: 0 of 1,000 characters 4. Cons: (10 characters minimum) Count: 0 of 1,000 characters 5. Summary: (optional) Count: 0 of 1,500 characters Add Your ReviewThe posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.

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Virus-free guarantee. VPN for protection on public networks. Comprehensive local and online backup system. 50GB of hosted online backup.� ConsPoor phishing protection. Above-average performance impact.� Bottom LineWith Comodo Internet Security Complete 8, you won't face malware alone. GeekBuddy tech support will remotely repair any security problems, guaranteed. By Neil RubenkingNobody buys a security suite because they want to play around with it (well, almost nobody). Set and forget, that's the desired operating mode, so most users have no idea what to do if a problem arises.

With Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 ($89.99 per year for three licenses) if you hit a security snag, you call on GeekBuddy tech support for assistance. Expert remote remediation of problems, along with a virus free guarantee, makes this suite a nice choice for those who don't want to get their hands dirty. As with all of Comodo's product line, this suite's main window is occupied by rectangular tiles of various sizes, representing different security components.

You can click most of the panels for more details. Five icons across the bottom launch important tasks, and you can also flip the main window over for a completely different task-based view. It's a compact, easy-to-use interface. View All 10 Photos in GalleryShared AntivirusAntivirus protection in this suite is the same as in Comodo Internet Security Premium 8 and the rest of the Comodo line, with some minor differences in default settings.

Please read my review of the free Premium suite for all the nitty-gritty details.Comodo Internet Security Complete 8 Lab Tests ChartComodo Internet Security Complete 8 Malware Blocking ChartComodo Internet Security Complete 8 Antiphishing ChartComodo Internet Security Complete 8 Performance ChartOf the independent labs I follow, only ICSA Labs and AV-Test Institute include Comodo.

In the very latest report from AV-Test, Comodo's scores dropped in both protection and usability. Its new total score is 13 of 18 possible points, down from 16. Bitdefender Total Security 2015Kaspersky Internet Security (2015)and Trend Micro Maximum Security 2015 tied for first place with 17.5 points.Since my last Comodo review, I made some configuration changes requested by my Comodo contact and re-ran both the malware blocking test and the malicious URL blocking test. Comodo will soon make detection of potentially unwanted programs enabled by default, so I turned that setting on.

I also enabled auto-sandboxing of all unknown programs. The sandbox feature would have raised Comodo's score in my malware blocking test, but since it also adversely affected legitimate programs I decided to let the previous score stand.In my own hands-on malware blocking test, Comodo earned 8.3 of 10 possible points, the same as Symantec Norton Security and just a hair behind Bitdefender.

With the updated settings, its protection rate of 36 percent in my malicious URL blocking test is a bit better than that of the standalone antivirus, but still less than the current average of 39 percent.As for phishing protection, you don't want to rely on Comodo. Its SecureDNS feature nominally blocked phishing sites as well as other undeniable sites, but it scored second-to-last in my antiphishing test.I did re-run my performance test separately for this top-of-the-line suite, but results were within a few percent of the free Comodo Internet Security Premium 8.

It had an unusually high impact on boot time, and slowed my other hands-on tests as well. Only Norman Security Suite 11 exhibited a greater average impact. At the other end of the scale, Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete (2015) averaged just 1 percent slowdown.See How We Interpret Antivirus Lab TestsSee How We Test Malware BlockingSee How We Test AntiphishingSee How We Test Security Suites for Performance Other Shared FeaturesFirewall protection in this suite is the same as you get with Comodo Firewall 8, except that the behavior-based HIPS detection feature isn't enabled by default.

I'm not a fan of this HIPS, as it flags good and bad programs alike. For details, read my review of the firewall. In brief, the firewall did a good job and showed itself resistant to malware attack, though it didn't attempt to block exploit attacks.The Comodo Dragon browser is a hardened version of Chrome, designed to protect your sensitive transactions.

For further process isolation, you can run Dragon (or other programs) in a virtual desktop. Expert users can launch iffy programs in sandbox isolation without risking permanent damage. A handful of additional security features are best left to experts. Back to topPCMag may earn affiliate commissions from the shopping links included on this page.

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