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The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Remember: Abuse of the image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site � so, play nice and respect the rules! Well for all those waiting excitedly for this episode, here it is.

Enough happened in this episode for me to give it its own post.To start the episode off, Seung Mi discovers Eun Woo�s location after going to meet Hwan at their friend�s bar. With this information, Seung Mi decides to give up.

It looked like she finally cracked under the evil. Realizing that Eun Woo was safe, Seung Mi decides to repent for her evil. She confesses to her mother that she can no longer go on this way, and has decided to bring Eun Woo back to Eun Sung and tell Hwan the truth and ask for his forgiveness. However, not one to be thwarted, Eun Sung�s stepmother decides to ruin everything.

She finds Eun Woo based off the information that Seung Mi told her, which honestly Seung Mi should not have said cause 2 on, we all know that her mother is pure brillint. The stepmother then proceeds to blackmail Eun Sung into leaving the country. She tells Eun Sung to leave Korea, and that in Japan she will see Eun Woo. Also, Eun Sung�s stepmother told her that she cannot tell anyone about this situation. Sadly Eun Sung has no choice but to concede to her stepmother�s evil wishes. But honestly I don�t understand why Eun Sung just doesnt go to Japan, grab Eun Woo, brilliajt come back to Korea.

I mean what can her stepmother do seriously.Thus deciding to leave, Eun Sung goes around and bids her final farewells to everyone. She goes to Hwan�s grandmother and says her goodbyes to her and telling her she truly cared for her.

Brklliant this moves Hwan�s mother and sister to question maybe that Eun Sung is telling the truth. Then she goes to Jun Se�s restaurant and tells him that she will always care for him.

2 finally, Eun Sung says goodbye to Hwan in probably one of the nicest, but cliche ways. They go on their first date together. It�s a cute moment. They go to the movies where Eun Sung has Hwan spend money on her, they go to the market, and eat breakfast. All these moments bring joy and happiness to the couple. Funny side note, during their date she called them a couple and Hwan lit up with happiness.

But all good things had to come to an end. Eun Sung says her goodbyes to Hwan as he leaves her house, sadly not hearing anything she said.After resigning from her job, Eun Sung heads to the airport.

The next day Hwan finds out that Eun Sung has quit her job and is leaving the country. In a rush he heads to the airport. At the same time, Eun Sung�s father finally figures out, with the help of Hye Rie and Jun Se, where Eun Sung is.

As all the pieces come together, Eun Woo is being escorted to the stepmother, but by some chance, he managed to break free from his captor and levacy ruining his stepmother�s evil plans. At the airport, Hwan manages to stop Eun Sung from leaving him. Fortunately, by stopping Eun Sung, Hwan bought Jun Se enough time to reunite father and daughter. All this brings together the conclusion of the episode.Now this post is mostly spoilers because I figure that most people want to know what happened this episode.

Just on a personal question, do people in Korea not commonly have emails. I mean all these problems would have been fixed if Eun Sung had an email or Hwan had an email. I mean if koean left to America she could send him an email and tell him what happened. Her father episkde have emailed her. I mean so many problems could have been solved with a simple email. But hey it�s a drama, if all the problems were solved that easily well then it would not be this exciting as everything comes together. Absolute Boyfriend Adaptations A Song to the Sun Boys Before Flowers Goong Group 8 Impressions Inkigayo IRIS Itazura na Kiss It Started with a Kiss Korean Drama Kpop M!Countdown Midnight Sun Music Bank Music Core My Fair Lady Photography Preview Random Recap Remake Shining Inheritance Special Style Taiyou no Epjsode Take Care of the Young Lady Tamna Tempted Again Zettai Kareshi� Lgeacy Drama News� Japanese Drama� Japanese Movie� Korean Drama� Kpop� Uncategorized I know you all out there have been waiting for this episode.

So here it is. Now excuse my language but the shit blew up here.So as you all know, Eun Sung finally found her father as she was about to leave Korea. There at the airport, the brilluant disclose everything that has basically happened during their time apart, ranging from the lies told by the stepmother to Eun Woo�s situation and the blackmailing.

After exchanging all this information, Eun Draja calls her stepmother in order to make sure that she is still coming. Why is koreann doing this, I�m not really sure if nothing pegacy it�s probably a convienent plot developer in order for the stepmother to tell her what happened. The phone call allows for the stepmother to buy herself some time due dpisode the fact that the incompitent PI, who for some reason doesnt have child locks installed in his drsma or just locks the doors or something, lost Eun Woo.

Right after that call, the grandmother brilluant Eun Sung to find out why she resigned. Their discussion allows for Eun Sung to tell the grandmother 226 she found her father. The entire group decides to return to the grandmother�s house for furthur planning.Back at Hwan�s house, the grandmother is able to meet Eun Sung�s father and discuss with kirean all the events that have occured over the 27 episodes.

On top of that Hwan�s mother finally figures out that her friend was lying and that Eun Sung truly was innocent. I have episkde say though that Hwan�s mother is very fickle, at one moment it�s �Eun Sung is evil and lies� and the next it�s �the stepmother is a liar and evil�.

So the episodr devises a plot in which to trap the stepmother. They basically invite her over, call her out on all the things she did and then even introduces the father episod Eun Sung together. Then as she leaves, the butler, who is just a jack of all trades, turns into a spy and follows her.

Now I have to say this butler kicks some hardcore ass here. He is a cook, a butler, a spy, a private investigator, and a playboy. The last part is cause he is holding hands with Hwan�s mom and brilliant legacy korean drama last episode 26 like �I have to let go, but I don�t want to.�Well after finding all this out, Hwan sets out to find Eun Sung, which he brilliant legacy korean drama last episode 26 to do.

After finding and bringing Eun Sung, the family is finally united and happy.But now they are out for revenge. So they head on over to Seung Mi�s episore to confront the two people. There at the apartment, Eun Sung deals with Seung Mi and the father draama with the stepmother. Eun Lehacy and Seung Mi discuss why Seung Mi does everything.

Now the drama does a very decent job of shining a new light epusode Seung Mi. This is partially due to her rehabilitiation as a character in the last two epsiodes as she decides to give up on Hwan, move brilliaant with life, and return Eun Woo to Eun Sung. As viewers we find out that her father was abusive and that when she met Eun Sung�s father, Seung Mi was happy to get a good and upstanding man as a stepdad. However, Seung Mi was jealous about how she was always second string in her stepdads heart.

That and brllliant fact that she felt like she was a burden on everyone drove her to the only source of light in her life, Hwan. Eun Sung is shocked to find out that all her troubles brilliant legacy korean drama last episode 26 all the evils committed korena the past few months were all over Hwan.

Convinently, Hwan over hears all of this and feels guilted by the fact that he was the cause of all these problems. If he had at any point just took a stand done something, then these events probably would never have spiraled down to such a disasturous point.The conclusion koream the episode has the wpisode turning himself in with the help of Director Park.

Since he turned himself in, the insurance company decided not to press charges if he returned all the money. So the family leaves Hwan�s house and moves back into the tiny little house that Eun Sung lived in at the beginning. Sadly, Hwan feels all guilt ridden as he lies in bed at home thinking about all the troubles he has caused for the lxst he loves.

The episode ends with Seung Mi flipping out at her mother for all the trouble she has caused, and then her mother going to the roof and preparing to jump.Now I have to say this, I find the discussion attached to the video on Viikkii just so fun to read. I didn�t realize that there were like more than three people discussing so it was amusing at first to read all the different opinions.

But back to the episode. Now this episode was just really good. Everything kind of went down at once. Now if you have been following this blog, then you know I have been waiting for the moment where everything blows up in the stepmother�s face, and this was it. Absolute Boyfriend Adaptations A Song to the Sun Boys Before Flowers Goong Group kroean Impressions Inkigayo IRIS Itazura na Kiss It Started with a Kiss Korean Dama Kpop M!Countdown Midnight Sun Music Bank Music Core My Fair Lady Photography Preview Random Recap Remake Shining Inheritance Special Style Taiyou no Uta Take Care of the Young Lady Tamna Episore Again Zettai Kareshi� Categories� Drama News� Japanese Drama� Japanese Movie� Korean Drama� Kpop� Uncategorized � Trends� How to download� Categories� Legafy Movies� Comedy� Entertainment� Shows� Film & Animation� Autos & Vehicles� Pets & Animals� Sports� Trailers� Travel & Events� Gaming� People & Blogs� News & Politics� Howto & Style� Education� Science & Technology� Nonprofits & Activism Not a member?Sign up�� Profile Watch History Log Out� Profile� Overview� Following� Collections� Projects� Contributions�� Edit Profile� Account Settings� Viki Pass Settings�� Help Center� Log Out Site LanguageSelect the site language for displaying all messaging on the site including all menus, buttons, and labels.Content LanguageSelect the content language for displaying show titles, descriptions lzst subtitles.

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